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Our Terms Are To Be Interpreted As Follows: is referred to as "Website.

Anyone submitting, bidding, completing an order, uploading any information, and transferring money on this website is referred to as a "Consumer/Customer," "You," or "Yours."

The website of is referred to as "Company," "We," or "Our." The Messaging System is the software that ensures continuous communication between the Customer and the Writer, or with a Support Team Representative.

The actual request for a Service sent to our Company by the Customer is referred to as an Order. It contains certain requirements as well as a list of sources to be used in writing. or An 'Order' is a Customer's electronic request for a paid service for a certain writing service. An order specifies the scope of work as well as the Customer's other service requirements.

The actual request for a Service sent to our Company by the Customer is referred to as an Order. It contains certain requirements as well as a list of sources to be used in writing. or An 'Order' is a Customer's electronic request for a paid service for a certain writing service. An order specifies the scope of work as well as the Customer's other service requirements.

Or "Order" refers to the consumer's written order submitted in electronic form online on our website. An order contains the full work as well as the customer's criteria.

Order Status displays the Order's current status and progress toward completion.

This service is the result of an order written as original content and is delivered to the customer as a digital document at the request of the customer.

A product revision is a request sent by a customer to edit the final version of a product based on the original requirements of the order.

The quality assurance department is the structural unit of the company responsible for assessing and protecting the quality of our products and services.

Also The Quality Assurance Department is a unit within the infrastructure of and is responsible for monitoring and assessing the quality of the products and services offered.

A support team or support is the structural unit of the company responsible for coordinating and supporting the ordering process.

The Writer is a person employed by the Company who provides research and writing services to the Customer, according to the Company Agreement.

Order Placing And Registration

The order is placed by completing the payment on website and contact our customer service by providing receipt in order to submit your task.

Customer service will specify the scope of the work, order parameters, and delivery terms. It is Your personal responsibility to provide exact, full, and final information/details to our customer service agent.

Customer will be requested to register by providing customer's contact information such as name, email address, country of residence, and telephone number. Should any difficulties arise during the process of account creation, please contact our Support. In addition, should any of customer's contact details change over time, it is your sole responsibility to update your profile accordingly or inform Support of such changes.

Should multiple accounts be discovered, they will be merged with customer's initial account created during customer first purchase.

Order Delivery is held responsible for the delivery of the service and for meeting the deadline indicated in the order.

It is the Customer's personal responsibility to ensure the availability of delivery channels once the Company has provided the service to the Client. The Company will not be held responsible for an incorrect email address indicated by the Customer in the profile, spam filters, internet outages and general customer negligence to provide communication channels and other contact means which are beyond the control of the Company. The Customer is encouraged to contact Support for any kind of assistance with an Order's Delivery.

Customer is held responsible for downloading the service in a timely manner after the service has been provided by the Company.

The Use Of Products

When making a payment for an Order, as a customer, you agree it is for personal and non-commercial use only, and the payment you make is a reflection of the time and effort put into conducting relevant research and writing pertaining to your order as well as all the necessary maintenance and administration for Service delivery.

You are not to reproduce, modify, distribute or display the service in any way on the World Wide Web or in the form of a hard copy over a reasonable limit necessary for personal use.

Any cancellation should be done in twenty-four hours.

A maximum of five percents can be charged for any cancellation of services based on the Consumer Protection Data Act.

Writers who work on behalf of our Company hand over the ownership of all delivered Products to the Company, that retains full copyright privileges of the Products We provide.

All Products are provided solely as an example of research, reference for learning purposes, or as a sample on how to perform academic writing. All Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright remain with the Company.

Company's Responsibility

The Company has a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism, academic dishonesty, and fraud. Belford Assignment Services will not be held accountable if such unethical and illegal use of our products and Website content occurs.

We strictly abide by all Copyright laws. Any opposing activity is solely the responsibility of the Customer if they break our Terms and Conditions.

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